'Hunting Dogs and Wolves' Print - 15cm x 22cm

'Hunting Dogs and Wolves' Print - 15cm x 22cm

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Size 15cm x 22cm (29cm x 35cm framed). ‘From Oliver Goldsmith’s Animated Nature published 1866’ on reverse.

Part of Godfrey's Collection. Delivery arrangements and charges will be agreed upon sale with a member of the GWCT Shop Team.

About Godfrey's Collection

My late father, like so many sportsmen, enjoyed accumulating a wide collection of sporting art. However, since we moved into his house with our own belongings, there is simply not room for everything. We could put some of these works in the loft, but really they should be out on display and enjoyed in someone’s home. It is hard to part with pictures you have known since childhood, but the GWCT is a close friend and the idea that it will benefit from 25% of the sale feels right. I hope these pictures will bring others great pleasure in the years to come.  Edward, GWCT Member (Dorset).