Martyn Bednarczuk

It all started when I was working with my father who made hand made furniture, shaping wood was part of the job and carving elaborate pieces, I progressed to carving stone and wood, clay modelling which some were transferred into bronze.

I love working in different mediums and styles, over the years I’ve worked on public art, outside pieces in stone and wood. My passion for wildlife has always held my interest and started to carve birds and animals in wood and then hand paint them, I have been told that they were world class and that I was probably amongst the best bird carver in Britain, which was a bit of a shock when told.

From the UK myself and my partner Janice who is also an artist moved to France in which we renovated our property and converted our barn into a working studio, we now live in the beautiful countryside of Brittany where we draw inspiration from nature.

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