'Red Grouse' - Original Oil Painting by Ben Hoskyns

'Red Grouse' - Original Oil Painting by Ben Hoskyns

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Oil on paper, 22cm x 15cm, unframed. 

About the artist

Ben Hoskyns has been a full time professional artist since 1988, specialising in oils of British Wildlife.

He has developed more as a landscape artist in recent years and his studies of birds and animals are often part of a progression towards his larger pieces. The smaller landscapes, themselves, are usually part of that same development so that there may be several different versions of a particular view – a change of angle, light or narrative – but each instilling that feeling of ‘being there’ and capturing the very essence of the British countryside.

He has illustrated several books and wrote and illustrated Holland & Holland’s The Nature of Game (1994), with a foreword by the Duke of Edinburgh. He has, more recently, collaborated with some of the country’s leading wildlife artist to produce the three books in the Artists’ Impressions series: The Woodcock, The Grouse, and Deer.